2018-2019 MTNA Competitions

November 13, 2018

Congratulations to all students and their teachers who participated in the State-Level MTNA Competitions this past weekend!   Student names are listed below.  Teacher names are listed in parentheses.

Winners and Representatives advance to Divisional-Level Competition in January.  

Thanks to Nancy Van Kampen, judges, and volunteers for making this event possible!


Minnesota Elementary Composition - 1 entry

Representative - Edward Ojard  (John McLaird)

Minnesota Junior Performance Piano - 4 entries

Winner - Clara Wrolstad (Reid Smith)

Alternate - Noah Greenstein-Sheppard (Paul Wirth)

Honorable mention - William Gannon (Paul Wirth)

Minnesota Senior Performance Piano - 15 entries

Winner - Shuen Wu (Alexander Braginsky)

Winner - Brianne Ulrich (Paul Wirth)

Alternate - Joseph Caswell (Reid Smith)

Honorable mention - Nita Qiu (Joseph Zins)
                                        Kimberly Shen (Alexander Braginsky)
                                        Austin Cheng (Alexander Braginsky)

Minnesota Senior Performance String - 2 entries

Winner - Joyce Zhao, Violin (Sally O'Reilly)

Alternate - Stephen Ma, Violin (Jackie Lo)


Minnesota Senior Performance Voice - 2 entries

Winner - Mark Jesmer, Voice-Tenor (Travis Erikson)

Alternate - Ronald Romero, Voice-Tenor (Melissa Culloton)


Minnesota Senior Performance Woodwind - 1 entry

Representative - Irene Cho, Clarinet (Tori Okwabi)


Minnesota Senior Piano Duet - 1 entry

Representative - Emma Taggart & Jacob Taggart (Reid Smith)


Minnesota Young Artist Performance Piano - 4 entries

Winner - Andrew Cannestra (Kent McWilliams)

Alternate - Bowen Liu (Richard Lange)


Minnesota Young Artist Performance String - 3 entries

Winner - Michael Chu, Violin (Sally O'Reilly)

Alternate - Jessica Folson, Violin (Francesca Anderegg)

Honorable mention - Clara Brown, Violin (Francesca Anderegg)


Minnesota Young Artist Performance Voice - 1 entry

Representative - Tyrie Williams, Voice-Bass (Mariane Lemieux-Wottrich)


Minnesota Young Artist Performance Woodwind - 1 entry

Representative - Miles Broske, Clarinet (Scott Anderson)