MMTA Registration Deadline (March 20) Extended

March 20, 2020

Dear MMTA Membership,

As we move to more virtual and digital testing platforms in this unprecedented era, we understand that you may need more time to ascertain whether or not these platforms will work for you and your students - and that the original registration deadline of today just isn't feasible.

To that end, any registration deadline that was originally scheduled for today, March 20, has now been extended to March 30.  Our sincere hope is that this extension allows you the time, over the next few days, to determine and secure what you need to register students for any exams they'd originally been planning to take this spring.

As always, we thank you for your patience as we navigate these new areas for us.

Have a safe and healthy weekend, with all best wishes,

Dr. Ann DuHamel, NCTM
MMTA President