MTNA Competitions 2020-2021 - State Level Results

November 17, 2020

Congratulations to all students who were selected as Winners, Alternates and Honorable Mentions in the Minnesota State MTNA Competitions for 2020-2021!  Winners and Representatives will move on to the Regional Competition in January. 

Junior Composition
Representative:  Edward Ojard (Nick Susi)

Senior Composition
Representative:  Evelyn Rohrbach (Pam Sohriakoff)

Junior Performance – Piano
Winner:  Edward Ojard (Nick Susi)
Alternate:  Orion Kim (Joseph Zins)
Honorable Mention:  Thomas Stang (Christopher Weldon)

Senior Performance – Piano
Winner:  Ryan Holt (Christopher Weldon)
Alternate:  William Gannon (Joseph Zins)
Honorable Mention:  Austin Cheng, Aurora Wang (Alexander Braginsky)

Senior Performance – String
Representative:  Stephen Ma, Violin (Jackie Lo)

Senior Performance – Voice
Winner:  Emma Higgins, Soprano (Melissa Holm-Johansen)
Alternate:  Delaney Henry, Mezzo-Soprano (Melissa Holm-Johansen)

Senior Piano Duet
Representative:  Skyler & Oliver Chan (Kyung Kim)

Young Artist Performance – Piano
Winner:  Xiaoliang Qian (Alexander Braginsky)
Alternate:  Jonathan Mattson (Spencer Myer)
Honorable Mention:  Elizabeth Padula (Robert Koopman)

Young Artist Performance – String
Representative:  Mary Alice Hutton, Violin (Sally O’Reilly)