MTNA Performance Competition Video Submission

September 21, 2020

Please find instructions and information below for participation in the MTNA State Performance Competition.

  1. Visit  Read all competition rules and procedures carefully.
  2. Record a separate video of the student playing each piece they have prepared for the competition.
  3. Upload the videos to YouTube.
    1. If the student/student’s family does not have a YouTube account, they will need to create one.
    2. Upload the videos to the student’s account, then mark the privacy setting for each video as “unlisted”.
    3. Ask the student to create a list of their repertoire and the link for each corresponding video.
  4. Submit student information and video links to the MMTA website on or before October 25, 2020.
    1. Visit
    2. Go to the Events page.
    3. Navigate to October, then click “View Details” for the MTNA competition.
    4. Click “Submit Videos”, then copy/paste repertoire information and links from the list to the registration form.  When finished, click the “Submit” button.
  5. Repertoire information and video links will be sent to judges.  Results and completed critiques will be sent once the judging process is complete.

Please contact Nancy Van Kampen if you have any questions about the competition.  For assistance with video submission, please contact the MMTA Office at (952) 345-0629 or

Looking forward to hearing some wonderful performances!