*NEW*: Theory Level 3 Workbook - 2019 Edition

January 30, 2019

The new edition of Theory Workbook 3 is available for purchase now.  The contents of this 2019 edition will be used for testing starting in August 2019. 

If teachers or students have copies of the 2015 edition, the MMTA website will soon post the new pages from the 2019 edition.  These can be printed and given to students who own the 2015 edition.   A link to the new pages will be available on the online store, and on the Programs/Piano page.

The major changes in the 2019 edition are:

  • The V7 chord is introduced and then used throughout the curriculum. 
  • Chord inversions are introduced. 
  • Rounded binary form has been removed. 
  • Authentic cadences are now referred to as authentic or full cadences. 

Questions?  Please contact Rebekah Richards, chair of Theory Development Committee, rrichard@gac.edu