Piano Contest Finals Video Submission Rules

March 16, 2020

Thank you for your patience as we work through these unusual circumstances! Below are all the details for video submissions for Piano Contest Finals.

Video Submission Rules
  • Submissions may come from either the Teacher or the Student. 

  • Please have this information ready to submit:

    • Teacher Name
    • Student Name
    • Teacher Number
    • Student Number
    • Category (PRI, JRA, etc)
    • Room Number
    • Contest piece
    • Unlisted YouTube Link of contest piece
    • Important: please double check your student and room numbers before submitting.
    • Optional: text box of special instructions from the teacher; limited to 250 characters
  • When making your video - technical points:

  • When making your video - other important points:

    • No speaking in the video.
    • Please do not include the warm-up in the video.
    • To ensure quality and consistency of the videos among entrants, set up the camera from the audience perspective, limit background noise, and make sure the performance space is well lit. 
    • The video should show the student’s arms, hands, back, and feet.
    • Optional: before the piece begins, you may show the Student Number and piece/composer  (e.g., JRB 9999 / Bach-Minuet) on a piece of paper/printed card.
    • Students are encouraged to wear nice clothes as though they were performing at the in-person contest, although there is no specific dress code.
    • You may use previously recorded instances of the piece (e.g., from a recent recital).
  • Upload your contest piece as an Unlisted video to the YouTube platform.

    • If you do not already have a YouTube account, you will need to create one. 
    • Record the video first, then upload to YouTube. Recording within the YouTube app may cause compression of file and reduced sound quality.
    • Your videos must be unedited and contain no fade ins or fade outs.
    • Basic Info:

      • Title:   MMTA 2020 contest, Category, Student Number, Composition/Composer
      • Description:  either MMTA 2020 contest, or no description
        • VERY IMPORTANT: Do NOT use teacher or student names as identifying information for individual videos.
      • Tags: none
      • Privacy Settings: Change to “Unlisted”
      • Disable all comments and responses (All boxes under Comments and Responses must be unchecked)

  • First time uploading to YouTube? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Please verify that your link works and includes the entire piece before submission. Incomplete pieces and incorrect links may result in disqualification/exclusion from the contest and the student not receiving a critique.

  • The Form to submit the link and all relevant information is here: https://www.mnmusicteachers.com/mmta-piano-contest-finals-video-submissions

    • Submit the complete form including the link by March 22, 11:59 p.m.

  • Keep the unlisted YouTube link up until April 1, 2020.

  • Re: scores:

    • We recognize that you may have specific markings in the score from the teacher to indicate musical interpretation. Due to ASCAP,  copyright, and legal issues, MMTA is unfortunately unable to accept uploads of scores. There will be a text box (250 characters) to provide optional comments if you wish. We understand this is not an ideal situation; however, know that judges are instructed to adjudicate based on a convincing musical and artistic interpretation.

Piano contest finals video submissions form