Registration Tips and Reminders

March 6, 2018
As we move into the busy, busy Spring exam season, here are a few tips and reminders when submitting registrations:
  • Collect all information needed before starting registrations.  This includes repertoire, time requests, carpool info, theory level/year passed, etc.  This will save you time when you get to the actual registration process.
  • Exam type and level:  Please use care when checking boxes.  Double-check to make sure the correct box(es) have been selected before moving on.
  • Time requests:  Please keep these as general as possible, and indicate a request only if the student absolutely needs it.  Less time requests and less-specific requests will help scheduling go faster.
  • Carpools:  Please include name(s), exam type(s) and level(s) for all students in the carpool.  The student being registered does not need to be listed in the carpool.
    • Example:  John Doe is taking a Theory Level 2 exam.  His carpool information might look like this:  Jane Doe Theory 2; Jimmy Doe, Theory 3. 
Overall, remember less is more.  No explanations or life stories are needed.  Concise information is.  As always, please contact the MMTA Office if you need assistance with registration.  
Best wishes to you and to your students this season!