TC Piano Contest Facility Information

January 29, 2019

Twin Cities Piano Contest

NEW for this year :


Please communicate this to anyone participating in contest and their drivers.

Do NOT use the Benson Great Hall entrance. That entrance will be in use by another group.

Use the ROBERTSON CENTER entrance (this is the gym entrance but you will not feel like you are entering a sporting event). The REGISTRATION area will be visible immediately upon entering the building. We will actually be closer to our contest rooms than in years past. Signs will be posted. Once you are in the building, you can access all the buildings through skyways.

Because of this change, if you are coming from the West side of the Cities (North or South) I recommend using the EAST gate for Bethel. Get to 694 EASTBOUND and take Snelling south from 694. The Bethel entrance is the first right you can take on Snelling south from 694, and it is not very far down on Snelling (it is not a stoplight or stop sign, just an available right exit). Please note, you CANNOT get to the EAST gate from Snelling northbound, only Snelling southbound. Once you enter campus, follow signs to the EAST Lot. There are actually four East lots available to use. There is one door to enter the ROBERTSON Center, and there is a long flight of concrete steps to reach it. From this door, you will actually enter the building on the third floor.

If you use the WEST gate, you will have to drive all the way through campus. Follow signs for East lot/Robertson Center. Those of you coming from the East side of the cities, the West gate may be your best option for campus entrance.

If you need an ADA entrance, use the RC RECEIVING DOCK entrance. There is plenty of accessible parking by this door; from this entrance take the elevator up one level to the third floor.

The volunteer/grading/contest HQ areas will be located just inside the Robertson Center entrance, next to the Registration area.