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Dear New and Renewing Members,

On behalf of MMTA, I would like to thank you for joining or renewing your membership with Minnesota Music Teachers Association (founded in 1901) and Music Teachers National Association (founded in 1876). We are close to 800 members strong here in Minnesota, and we are proud to offer MMTA teachers and students a wealth of innovative programs, educational opportunities, and performance outlets. As a member, you are the most important part of our high-quality programs, which enjoy a strong reputation in the larger music community.

MMTA is proud to be part of its national association, MTNA, which offers a professional certification program (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music, or NCTM). This certification helps identify competent music teachers within the community and provides them with prestige, recognition, and the potential for student recruitment and increased earning power. Did you know that MMTA offers a $100 rebate for teachers from Minnesota who successfully complete their NCTM certification? There are many incentives for taking part!

In this very unusual time in our world with COVD-19, we are fortunate to find community together in MMTA. The MMTA Board of Directors has worked hard to transition resources for its members to a virtual format. We offered the first-ever virtual MMTA State Piano Contest Finals and Vocal/Instrumental Contest, and we continue to offer exams virtually for theory, piano, and other instruments. I will certainly miss the camaraderie of gathering with other teachers and students for these special events, but I am proud to be part of an association that is responding to changing times without sacrificing quality. The MMTA Board will continue to face difficult decisions in guiding our association through this pandemic, and we invite you to add your voice by contacting us to express your thoughts.

But let us lean on each other as we overcome difficult times. There are many ways to get involved in our community. If you are on Facebook, please join our private group, Members of Minnesota Music Teachers Association. In this forum, members have been able to engage with other teachers in regards to online teaching, exams, where to find music, and more. Another way to become involved is to volunteer with MMTA. With such a robust organization, there are volunteer roles that will suit any member’s interest and time constraints.

Be sure to take advantage of the benefits offered to you through your membership. Some perks include MTNA webinars, our Office Depot/Office Max discount, access to American Music Teacher magazine, tax benefits for students via MMTA membership, and, of course, top-notch programming.

The MMTA Guide is available as a resource for learning more about our wonderful programs and resources.

I wish you, above all else, joy in music-making!

Nick Susi
Vice President of Membership    

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