How do I get started?

Use the Guide to MMTA to choose a program that you think is the right fit for your student. Using the recommended MMTA materials, begin preparing your student several months in advance, and check the MMTA Website or Handbook for registration rules and deadlines.  Contact your mentor or the MMTA Office if you have preparation or registration questions.


How do I register my students for MMTA Programs?

You may register for most programs online. Go to and log in with your user name and password.  Then click “Register for Events.”  Accepted payment for online registrations includes Visa and MasterCard. Please refer to the Handbook or Website for program dates and registration deadlines.


Do I have to join a Local Association?

No, but Local Associations offer the personal guidance, support and networking that will help your business grow.


Do I need to renew my MTNA/MMTA membership annually?

Yes, membership must be renewed every year in April. MTNA will send you a mailed reminder, plus an email with a link to the renewal page.


How do I get my name on the Find a Teacher List?

Notify the MMTA Office that you wish to be placed on the Find a Teacher List. You may list contact info, degree(s), areas of specialty and your website link on the Find a Teacher search engine.


How do I find out which district I am in?

Contact your mentor or the MMTA Office.


Do I need to register my students in the district where I live or can I register them anywhere?

Students can be registered in any district regardless of your address.


Will I receive an MMTA Member Directory in the mail?

No.  The MMTA Directory is online under Member Resources.  Log in using your user name and password.  Contact the MMTA Office if you wish to receive a paper copy of the Directory.


Am I required to become certified?

No, MMTA does not require certification. However, do consider that NCTM certification promotes professionalism within the field and is encouraged so that teachers may show their commitment to excellence.   Visit MTNA's certification website for more information.


I can’t login to the MMTA website…

Please contact the MMTA Office if you experience difficulty logging in with your user name and password.


When can I send in registrations? When will I receive information  regarding time/place for registrations?

You may register for programs at any time up to the registration deadline. You will receive specific time and location information approximately one week before the event.


Do teachers need to purchase the Challenge Award ribbons, pins and trophies for their students?

The cost of Challenge Awards is built into MMTA programs, so you pay only for shipping.


How do I become a judge?

Complete and submit the MMTA Judge Application found under Member Documents at the MMTA website. The Judge Coordinator Chair will contact you to guide you through the process.


Is insurance available?

Yes, a variety of Insurance Programs are available through MTNA. Visit and click on Programs to view the Member Insurance Programs page.