April 8, 2019

MMTA Foundation Grants and Awards

MMTA Foundation offers Teacher, District and Local Association Grants, Travel Grants for Minnesota winners of MTNA state and division performance competitions, and Monetary Awards for students who have demonstrated superior achievement in MMTA educational exams. Additional achievement awards include the Young Artist Winner, Student Composition Winner and Student of the Year. Below are some grant that have upcoming deadlines. Apply today! 

Robert Schmitt Professional Development Grants

February 8, 2019

Theory 3 Supplement Now Available

MMTA is committed to keeping its workbooks up to date. The MMTA Theory Committee has provided MMTA with a new edition of Theory Level 3 that will be used to pair with MMTA testing in fall of 2019. 

Have leftover copies of the 2015 edition? Don't worry, a supplement has been prepared to make all copies of theory 3 compatible with the new theory tests! It's free to download to teachers and students alike:


Thank you to all of our members who make our theory program a success as it continues to improve!