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While all performances can be fun, MMTA wants to make sure there are opportunities for students who love music but would prefer a freer way to express themselves.

Ensemble Festival

The Ensemble Festival encourages collaboration between students  including any combination of instruments and/or voice. All participants receive a Certificate of Participation and written critique. Please refer to the MMTA Website or Handbook for registration and program details.

MusicLink Playathon

MusicLink Play-a-thon participants collect pledges to support the MusicLink Foundation, and perform the selections of their choice at the Mall of America. Please refer to the MMTA Website or Handbook for registration and program details.

Solo Festival

The Solo Festival is a wonderful opportunity for students to perform single pieces from MMTA's contest lists. Does your student like to play pieces from the contest repertoire, but their age group does not correspond with their abilities? Would your adult student like to play a piece from the Piano Contest repertoire and get written feedback? Or perhaps your student is not able to take the required theory level exam by the registration deadline, December 1.

The Festival will take place on the same date and location as the Piano Contest Preliminaries in all districts. (Please note:  Registration for the Piano Solo Festival is separate from Piano Contest registration.  When registering online or by mail, make sure your student registered for the correct event.) More information on Solo Festival may be found under each instrument program page.


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