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MMTA Challenge Award

MMTA created the Challenge Award program to encourage and recognize student participation in all MMTA programs. It offers tangible rewards to students for the years of hard work spent developing their skills.

Students earn points for participation in MMTA programs. Teachers track the progress of their students using the record keeping sheet, and pay only for shipping of the awards. 

Awards include an award ribbon, bronze star pin, silver star pin, gold star pin, progressing ultimately to a Challenge Award trophy!

Since the MMTA Challenge Award’s inception, MMTA Programs have seen a steady increase in participation. Students are motivated to try new programs to achieve their goals. The Challenge Awards work! 

MMTA Award Ribbons

MMTA award ribbons teachers may give to their student(s) upon successful completion of an exam. Ribbons are available for each of the Comprehensive Piano Exam levels, as well as the six Theory Exam levels. For other exams, MMTA Exam Ribbons are available. Browse all ribbons in the shop.

MMTA Foundation Award Checks

The MMTA Foundation is proud to support MMTA students with financial payouts to well performing students! The PDF below gives a complete list of awards available to students:


Visit the MMTA Foundation Page for more information.


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