2021 MMTA Foundation Donors

February 14, 2022

The MMTA Foundation is extremely grateful for the donors over this past year.  This donation list is what we have records of from January 2021 until November 18th.  If we are missing your donation from this list please contact us at mmtafoundation@gmail.com 

  • Artiste Level $1000+
  • Maestro Level $500-$999
  • Virtuoso Level $250-$499
  • Professional Level $100-$249
  • Prodigy Level $50-$99
  • Performer Level $10-$49

Virtuoso Level $250-$499

  • South Suburban Music Teachers Association
  • Rebecca Shockley
  • Mark Wanderman-in tribute to his piano teacher Natalie Thaler

Professional Level $100-$249

  • Central Minnesota Music Teachers Association- directed for the Jeanette Benson Scholarship
  • Sherrie-Belle Brinkworth
  • Laura Harding
  • Reid Hegland
  • Stacy Julson
  • Caroline Langfeld
  • Kirsten Levorson
  • Jackie Lo
  • Judy Sherman
  • Christine Wolf

Prodigy Level $50-$99

  • Just Give-Great NonProfits
  • Saint Paul Piano Teachers Association
  • Sondra Howe
  • YunYue Liu
  • Rebekah Richards
  • Shannon Sadler
  • Gina Skule
  • Barbara Thompson

Performer Level $10-$49

  • Tamasue Abuayed
  • Marlene Goldberg-given for the recovery of Brian Krinke
  • Sylvia Lange
  • Mary Kay Lanz
  • Linda Smith
  • Diane Steen-Hinderlie
  • Tom and Bonnie Swanson-in memory of Portia Johnson, Owatonna, MN.  Longtime MMTA member who passed away in October 2021.


The Foundation is able, because of you, to support funding the MMTA Achievement Awards for high scores in Comprehensive Exam and Theory Exam Awards, Junior and Senior Young Artist Awards, Kathy Bina Composition Award, Elaine Kingsley Award for Highest Level 11 Piano Exam score, Ruth Anderson Award for Highest Level 11: Capstone Piano Exam Award, Gladys Markley and Jeanette Benson Theory Awards, and the Student of the Year Award.  The student awards are received with great appreciation from the students and are an encouragement to keep pursuing their musical studies.  In addition, your contribution funds teacher education via our Local Association and Professional Development Grants.  We are excited about the newly created MN State Fellow Award and the grants that will be available from the support for this.     

Donations can be made in honor of, in memory of, or with no specific designation.  All donations are appreciated. 

The MMTA Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization committed to improving the quality of music education in Minnesota by supporting the educational and charitable objectives of MMTA.