MMTA Board of Directors

Board of Directors





Dr.Jake Fitzpatrick
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Articles of Incorporation/Bylaws, Board of Directors, Challenge Award, DEI Committee, Judge Education Committee, MMTA Foundation, MTNA Foundation, MusicLink, Nominating Committee, Office Staff, Publications & Website, Technology Chair







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College Faculty Forum, Early Childhood Music, Ensemble Festival, Independent Music Teachers Forum, Local Associations, Music Bridges, MMTA Student Composition Contest, MTNA Competitions, Volunteer Resources, Wellness Forum


Vice President - Piano Contests

Caroline Langfeld

Contest Committee, MMTA State Piano Contest, MMTA Honors Concert, Piano Contests - Repertoire, Teacher Original Duet Composition Contest, Young Artist Piano Contest



Vice President - Convention

Dr. Tianyao Xie

Convention Committee



Vice President - Piano Education

Mary Beth Millner, NCTM

Piano Education Council, Exam Site Administrators, Piano Exams, Piano Exam Development Committee, Keyboard Skills Exams, Sightplaying Exams, Sightplaying Development Committee, Theory Exams (Keyboard), Theory Exam Development Committee






Vice President - Finance

Megan Gilles

Finance Committee, Human Resources Committee









Vice President - Marketing

Kathryn Karg

Marketing, Advertising, Social Media, Arts Advocacy, Logowear









Vice President - Membership

Dr. Vanessa Cornett
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Membership Committee, Membership Certification Chair, Collegiate Student Chapter, New Member Mentor Chair, Patron Member Chair






Vice President - Vocal & Instrumental Programs

Katie Johnson 

Vocal & Instrumental Council, Vocal & Instrumental Contest, Young Artist Contest-Vocal & Instrumental, Vocal & Instrumental Exams






Recording Secretary

Sara Smolensky

Board Minutes, Historian








Jim Lansing

Budget Committee, Honors Concert Tickets





Immediate Past President

Camille Buddecke, NCTM

Advisor to MMTA Board of Directors