Theory Prerequisites

Most MMTA programs require a student to have passed a predetermined level of the Theory Exam prior to participation.  Please review the chart below carefully, then plan a course of study with your student(s).



Theory Prerequisite FAQ:

Q:  Will my student be able to participate in either the Piano Contest or the Vocal & Instrumental Contest if they have not completed the required theory level?

A:  Yes.  A student may participate in the Preliminary Contest but will not be eligible for the Final Contest.


Q:  Do students need to complete the Theory Prerequisite for the Piano Contest or Vocal & Instrumental Contest before the Preliminary Contest?  Or may they wait to see if they are selected for the Final Contest?

A:  Students must complete the prerequisite prior to the Preliminary Contest.


Q:  Will my student be allowed to take a Piano Comprehensive exam if they have not completed the required theory level?

A:  Yes.  The student may take the Comprehensive exam.  The student would receive a Performance certificate rather than a Comprehensive certificate.


Q:  May a student take a Piano Comprehensive Exam and a Theory Exam on the same day?  If so, will the Theory Prerequisite be fulfilled and applied to their Piano Exam?

A:  Though not recommended due to the large number of skills a student would need to prepare for at one time, a student may take both Piano and Theory Exams on the same day.  Provided the student passes the Theory Exam, the Theory Prerequisite would then be fulfilled.


Q:  May voice, guitar, string, and woodwind students take the keyboard Theory Exam to fulfill a prerequisite?

A:  Yes.  Voice and instrumental students may take the exam, but will need to pass all three sections of the exam (written, aural, keyboard) to properly fulfill the prerequisite.


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