MMTA Challenge Award

The MMTA Challenge Award program rewards students for their participation in MMTA events.  Participation in this program requires just 3 easy steps:

  1. Student participates in an MMTA event.
  2. Student's teacher records the date and type of event, plus number of points earned for that event
  3. Student's teacher presents student with a Challenge Award based on the total points they have earned.

Almost every MMTA event offers potential points for a student, and all students are eligible regardless of age or performance level.

Keep track of student points using this form:


Awards include:
  • 300 Points - Rosette Ribbon                  
  • 700 Points - Bronze Pin  
  • 1200 Points - Silver Pin      
  • 1800 Points - Gold Pin        
  • 2500 Points - The Challenge Award Trophy      
  • 3500 Points - Raised Bronze Star Pin
  • 4500 Points - Raised Silver Star Pin
  • 6000 Points - Grand Challenge Award Trophy
  • 8500 Points - Raised Gold Star Pin
  • 10,000 Points - Ultimate Challenge Award Trophy

Teachers may order awards through the Shop or from the MMTA Office.   Display awards and posters for a teacher's studio are available for purchase through the Shop.

All awards are free to students.  Any charge attached to a student award is for Shipping & Handling, which can be viewed on the MMTA Order Form:

Ribbons and pins may be ordered at any time.  (Note:  Availability of items may be limited in Spring - please plan accordingly.)

Deadlines for trophy orders are November 15th, March 20th, and May 20th. 

  • Trophies ordered between deadlines will be automatically placed into the group for the next upcoming deadline. 
  • No matter when the trophy order is placed, the order will be submitted to the trophy company the day after each deadline.
  • Completed trophies will be available for pick-up or shipping roughly 4-10 weeks after each deadline. 
  • Teachers wishing to have completed trophies in time for Spring recitals and/or graduation open houses are encouraged to order prior to or on the March 20th deadline.

See the current year's MMTA Handbook for additional information.