Member Certification

Certification advances the professionalism of our field.  For the individual teacher, it represents a level of competence and accountability within the field.  People looking for a teacher are more likely to be drawn to, and willing to pay appropriately, one who is certified than one who is not.  For the organization, certification of a healthy percentage of our membership represents a commitment to excellence and professionalism.

The certification program is available to all current members of MMTA/MTNA.  For more information, visit


National Certification - National Certified Teacher of Music (NCTM)

 Are you a new or renewing MMTA member who desires to be certified?  MMTA encourages members who wish to do so to pursue National Certification through MTNA.

MTNA offers a certification program which is valid in all 50 states.  It is renewable every year.  The application process  involves writing a philosophy of teaching; writing analyses of specific teaching pieces; and submitting video files of the applicant teaching a student at various times throughout the preparation of a piece.  For specific details and  requirements, please go to

To encourage members to become Nationally Certified Teachers of Music (NCTM), MMTA members who successfully complete the process may receive a $100 rebate from MMTA (Available to up to 20 newly-certified members per year.)  This rebate is to defray the cost of the certification application.  To apply for the rebate, please send proof of national certification to the MMTA Office.

 Watch the following videos for more information:


Questions about MTNA Certification?  Please contact MMTA’s National Certification Chair