2023 - 2024 Piano Contest Classes

August 3, 2023

2023-2024 Education/Contest Classes – open to members and non-members

MMTF sponsors MMTA Contest Material Classes each fall on Tuesday mornings for the purpose of inspiration and further education of all interested teachers. Presentations will be conducted live at the Schmitt Music store in Bloomington and are available via Zoom. Zoom meeting link and the class notes in PDF form will be sent via email at least one day in advance to those who have registered.

Registration and Tuition: Classes are $18. You must register by the Friday before (see deadline dates below). Online payment and registration instructions are below. If mailing your registration and check, please be sure you send it early so it will be received by the deadline. Mailed registrations should go to Donna Engel, MMTF Treasurer, 715 Marion Lane, Jordan MN 55352 and should also include the classes you will attend and your local organization (MMTF, SPPTA, etc.)


Date                                Class                             Clinician                         Registration Deadline:

  • Sept. 5, 10:15 am       Senior B                        Dr. Sara Langmead      Friday, September 1
  • Sept. 12, 10:15 am     Senior A                        Dr. Stella Sick                 Friday, September 8
  • Sept. 19, 10:15 am     Intermediate B            Dr. Herb Johnson           Friday, September 15
  • Sept. 26, 10:15 am     Junior B                        Kathryn Karg                   Friday, September 22
  • Oct. 3, 10:15 am         Intermediate A           Suzanne Greer               Friday, September 29
  • Oct. 10, 10:15 am       Junior A, Primary        Lorna Wolthoff               Friday, October 6
                                        and PrePrimary



  1. To register, go to our payment website, www.mmtfpayments.com.
  2. Under “Reason for Payment” put the information about the class(es) you wish to attend and your local organization. For example: “CONTEST CLASS SRB SEPT. 5, MMTF” The cost is $18.
  3. Add this to the cart. If you want to register for another class, repeat the process. Please do not put more than one class together; each class needs to be added to the cart separately. When finished, click VIEW CART.
  4. If the cart is correct, click PROCEED TO PAYMENT.
  5. Fill out the Billing Details, then choose your method of payment, either PayPal or a Credit or Debit card.

Attending via Zoom: When you enter the Zoom meeting, you will first go into a waiting room. The meeting host will check that you are registered for the class, and then let you in. The name on your Zoom account must match the name you registered with. Please mute yourself at all times. You can use the chat feature to ask a question of the clinician. The host will monitor the chat and ask questions.

Class Notes: Class notes from Clinicians are available on the day of the class to those attending. (PDF versions will be sent to those attending by Zoom.) Notes may also be purchased. Price is $18 per class. Order notes for any or all 6 classes (SRB, SRA, INB, INA, JRB, JRA/PRE/PRI) by contacting Donna Engel via email at dixiedonna18@gmail.com. Notes will not be sent out until after the final class on October 10. Notes for earlier classes will not be available to purchase in person.

For general questions about MMTF Contest Classes, please contact Corey Sevett (MMTF President) at corey@sevett.com or 612-904-0649. For payment questions, please contact Donna Engel (MMTF Treasurer) at dixiedonna18@gmail.com or 952-240-4874.