MMTA Virtual Ensemble Festival

October 6, 2020

Preparation suggestions for the MMTA VIRTUAL Ensemble Festival 
to be shared via YouTube on November 21

As your students are preparing a piece for the MMTA Ensemble Festival, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what this entails and how to best prepare.  

1)  Though the MMTA registration deadline is 11/1 you may consider asking that ensembles send (to you) their performance link no later 10/24.   Bear in mind that surprising  conflicts can arise (especially in this time of the pandemic, so waiting till the last minute is not prudent)

2)  The MMTA fee is $22 per ensemble.  Registration payment is made by the teacher when registering on the MMTA website (before November 1) & later billed to the families.

3)  Recordings may be done in either the student’s home or in the teacher’s studio.   (If recording at home and your piano has not been tuned recently, you should consider scheduling a piano tuning)

     Important considerations for the recording include:

  • Video recording device should be set up using the horizontal angle
  • Plan clothing appropriate to a performance and coordinate with your partner(s).  If possible, consider clothing appropriate to the character of the piece. 
  • As the recording begins, students should be standing in front of the instruments and clearly announce the name of the piece and the composer – NOT the performers’ names. 
  • If page turns are needed, the page turner should not block the audience view of performers.
  • At the conclusion of the performance family, members should provide applause as performers take their bow.             
  • An example of what the video should resemble is available on this youtube link: 

 4) MMTA will be putting together recitals of about 30" in length for families to view on November 21st.  More details will follow.

 5) Students will receive challenge award points, a certificate and a critique from an MMTA endorsed judge.  

This event is beneficial in many ways.  The art of ensemble playing teaches careful listening skills, a strong sense of rhythm and pulse, and collaborating with another performer in making musical decisions.  The end result usually is accompanied with a sense of accomplishment, the simple joy of making music together and sometimes some very special memories.   Parents are critically important in helping with rehearsals when siblings are working together.  They may be needed as a page turner, a coach or referee.  I am hopeful that families make the viewing of the event on 11/21 something special.  In these days of the pandemic, we all need reasons to celebrate and share important events.  Perhaps view the recital with extended family members or friends if you are able to do so safely.  Maybe "dress up" or plan a special meal immediately before or after.  I encourage everyone who is able to pull this together in the next couple of weeks to participate!



  • Record the video first, then upload to YouTube. Recording within the YouTube app may cause compression of file and reduced sound quality.
  • If you do not already have a YouTube account, you will need to create one. 
  • Upload your ensemble piece as an Unlisted video to the YouTube platform.

Basic Info:

  1. Composition/Composer
  2. Description: None
  3. Tags: none
  4. Privacy Settings: Change to “Unlisted”
  5. Click “Not Made for Kids” in order for me to add to playlist
  6. Disable all comments and responses (All boxes under Comments and Responses must be unchecked)


First time uploading to YouTube?       Here are some helpful tips:

  1. (video)
  2. (written)