Theory Mini-Classes

October 19, 2021
Level 6 theory classes will begin on Thursday, October 28 with Jake Fitzpatrick presenting "Baroque Analysis".  The class starts at 9:30am, is 20 minutes long with questions at the end.  The Zoom link is:
Meeting ID: 997 6173 4364
Please note that Jake is having computer screen issues so you will be able to hear him and he can screen share, but you won't be able to see him.  
Level 6 classes will run from October 28 through February 10th.  Come for one class, or come for all of them. To get on the Zoom link reminder email, contact Rebekah Richards at:

The Zoom link changes depending on who the presenter is.

Class schedule - Level 6 Theory:
  • Oct 28  Baroque Analysis - Jake Fitzpatrick
  • Nov 4  Written Skills:  Figured bass and Seventh Chord Inversions  (Section 4-3 and 4-5) Laura Harding
  • Nov 11 Part-writing in 3 voices Major  Sarah Miller
  • Nov 18 Part-writing in 3 voice Minor Sarah Miller
  • Dec 2   Aural Skills Section 2 – Triad identification - Jake Fitzpatrick
  • Dec 9  Aural and Written Skills: Rhythmic Dictation/sixteenth note beaming – Susan Sophocleous
  • Dec 16  Alto Clef - Sarah Miller
  • Jan 6  Classical Analysis - Jake Fitzpatrick
  • Jan 13  Keyboard Skills:  Chord Progressions - Rebekah Richards
  • Jan 20  Romantic Analysis - Jake Fitzpatrick
  • Jan 27  Aural Skills – Melodic Dictation – Rebekah Richards
  • Feb 3 Contemporary Analysis - Jake Fitzpatrick
  • Feb 10  Open Questions – moderator: Rebekah Richards; theory committee will answer questions.  
If you missed any of our first three theory classes, never fear!  We recorded them and you can access them at: