Theory Thursdays 2022

September 13, 2022
Theory Thursdays will resume on September 29th with a 10 week look at the 2nd edition of Workbook 5.  Come and learn what's new in this updated Workbook.  Please note that class time has changed to 10:00am.  Classes will continue to be 20 minutes long, via Zoom.  If you would like to be on the email reminder list, please contact Rebekah Richards at (if you were on the list last year, you will automatically be on it again this year.)
September 29:  Rhythms – Beaming and Rhythmic Dictation 
Presenter:  Laura Harding

October 6:  Intervals – Writing and Listening for major, minor, perfect, diminished and augmented intervals. 
Presenter:  Jim Chenevert

October 13:  Triads within a key and chord inversions
Presenter: Rebekah Richards

October 27:  Aural Skill - Identifying chord quality and inversion
Presenter:  Rebekah Richards

November 3:  3-Part Voice Leading
Presenter:  Sarah Miller

November 10:  The 6/4 Chord:  Cadential 6/4, Neighbor Chord and Passing Chord
Presenter:  Jim Chenevert

November 17:  VI and III chords - how to recognize them in the score, understand their function and learn to identify them by sound. 
Presenter:  TBD

December 1:  Harmonic Dictation - How to help students hear chord functions.  
Presenter:  TBD

December 8:  Analysis - A look at Level 5 forms (binary, ternary, rounded binary) and global versus local keys. Presenter:  TBD

December 15:  Keyboard Skills  - A demonstration of Level 5 skills and ideas on how to teach them. 
Presenter:  TBD