New Repertoire Substitution List Available Oct 29th 2014

Choosing repertoire for our students taking piano exams can be a complicated business.  We consult the syllabus lists for music that will appeal to the student and match their skill level, we consider the books the student already owns, we...

Intermediate-Level Piano Teaching Research Questionnaire Oct 2nd 2014

Dear piano teachers,

My name is Ellen Bulow and I am a doctoral student at Boston University. Currently I am carrying out a research study on intermediate-level piano teaching. Below this paragraph, you will find a link to an invitation...

MMTA Teacher Party - Thursday, Sept. 25th! Sep 22nd 2014

This party is for teachers that want a chance to meet other teachers and discuss what they like about MMTA programs. We will also be going through online registration process as well, so if you need a little help when it comes to...

2015 Piano Contest Workshops Aug 26th 2014

2015 Piano Contest Workshops – St. Cloud

Location:  home of Ginny Shimota, 16 N. 5th Ave., Waite Park, MN.
Time:  9:00 a.m.
Fee:  $18 per workshop

Sept. 5     ...